Clinical Supervision



Clinical Supervision

After years of providing therapy to individuals, couples, families and groups, with more focused specializations in working with survivors of trauma, domestic and sexual abuse, and relationship challenges, I once again found myself in a mentoring position, this time with new counsellors. With a focus on strengthening and empowering continued support and learning for new and experienced counsellors and psychotherapists, I provide professional supervision using established methods encouraging reflective and experiential learning.

As a trained clinical supervisor, with advanced multimodal counselling skills, my style is collaborative, focusing on the work the supervisee brings into the supervision. Within the dyad professional relationship, we explore the different therapeutic approaches, objectives, and desired outcomes.

My style of supervision provides safe and boundaried discussions using theoretical and experiential frameworks that focus on the practices, challenges, and goals relating to the work of the supervisee.

Clinical supervision for psychotherapists and counsellors aims to enhance the supervisee's skills and competence, leading to greater confidence and ensuring that the services provided to clients are safe, ethical, and competent.


Experienced counsellor with survivors of trauma, domestic abuse, sexual assault and human trafficking